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Posted on January 31 2020

LOTUS. ALL my designs start from a moment in time. The LOTUS design is drawn from my million of pics of Lilly pads and flowers from last July at Shaw park here in Maine. I floated through what seemed to be a beautiful majestic Monet painting. It is a pic here on insta if you scroll down. A pic of my daughter B and her friends taking selfies on their paddleboards. It was a magical day of taking a ton of girls to the river for Summer fun. The lotus flower image forever burned in my memory. These abstracted drawings turned into this LOTUS pattern. My life is my design, my design is my life. I have never separated the two for good or for worse it just is. Layers of information overlapping. Living and breathing and drawing, designing and mothering is always and forever who I will be. It’s not always a perfect bow on top but within these layers and real unapologetic feelings of pure knowing of who you are and why you are here. I’m here to create drawn images in whatever capacity to bring joy and live and nurture everyone around family and my team or myself or you through my work. It is my life and my passion and reason for breathing. ✨ AND ITS ALL live as of last night. SPRING SUMMER 2020 is all online. We have a few photo tweaks but I’m grateful my work is up and all the hard work hand printing and sewing making these samples are finished so you all can see what I have been drawing the last 6 months. Xo e.

Def of lotus so symbolic for all of us: The Lotus rises from the mud, untouched and clean, to open into a magnificent flower high in the air. The life cycle, stature, and perfection of the Lotus is perhaps the reason that it represents purity, peace, transcendence, enlightenment, rebirth, beauty, and fertility.


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