hello from our

2-story 1850 historical
studio + shop

We hand print and sew upstairs, and sell and ship our goods downstairs, in our flagship studio + shop.

Our studio sits on Main Street in Gorham, Maine, right in the heart of downtown, in the village. This is home: where we've raised our family and where we make all our beautiful products. 

a look into

Erin's inspiration
+ design process

What inspires me becomes a pattern

I draw each pattern with care and attention to detail, then we burn silk screens and hand print and sew each piece one at a time! We are never the fastest product to get in this Amazon world, but we believe that good things take time. We also believe you will feel it and see it in the details. Our customers are loyal and truly appreciate us because they know we care and they know that they are getting something special and unique. The last 10+ years have been about sharing our story transparently. I believe using color and pattern telling my ever changing narrative.

design influence

My graphic design influence continues to be a major component to how I approach textile design, but my original love of painting continues to be the foundation. I mix custom colors by hand, ensuring consistent color and quality. Each design tells a bit of a story about my life in a unique way. Each person that touches my life becomes part of the visual tapestry of my work.

I painted through out high school and into college. It was my first love of color and design. I was influenced by my art teacher Phil Shaeffer who was a landscape painter in Windsor, Colorado. He was the first artist I knew and he taught me how to "see". He was kind, and patient and left me to do my work. I painted the majority of my Senior year in a independent study program and this amazing mentor and human changed the trajectory of my life by simply showing me how to "see" through the eyes of an artist.

every step has a story

Supporting local
+ maine made

All of our printing is produced here, in our small Maine studio. Local stitchers help with construction. Our goal is to continue the long tradition of making and designing here in Maine. The energy here is just different—from the old cobblestone streets and brick buildings to the trees that speak to you on long walks in the woods.

Each step of our creative process is infused with energy, and I believe that our customers feel this when their items arrive in their homes. I hope that our products make you smile as you open them up, and then again when you walk by or use them in your home. I want you to love seeing them, bring you comfort and joy, as they give your space a pop of color and design.