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As the temperatures here in Maine get cooler and the leaves drop…I step into my most favorite season. It's a time I fall into warmer layers like sweaters, coats and boots but in the home I think about creating warmth by adding rich color stories and layers of pillows and pattern that make things feel connected, warm and cozy. That might be velvet, and definitely the new collection which is FULL COLOR of RICH PATTERN that reminds me of old vintage European wallpaper found under a few layers of wallpaper in an old farm house. The old stuff that was hand silk screened along with rich stories and pattern and something magical that you can't really describe, but you just love it.
My continued quest of just living and taking time…long walks in open fields often solo just contemplating everything. When you are your own boss, your only source of focus…you spend an insane amount of time alone THINKING. My birthday approaches and as a woman in the middle of her lifetime…I am grounded and focused on what is next and what it means to be alive and happy. I turn away from anything that does not fill me up and make me happy. No space for anything but peace. Feeling much more connected to the universe, GOD, the trees, the land. ALL OF IT MY GROUNDING ROD. The long walks turn into intense downloads of life and design inspiration.
This collection is inspired by all these layers of old things I have ever collected in my minds eye. The new designs are saturated and full color, rich and lovely. They are designed to be the FOCUS of a room layered with other things that feel collected over time. Not minimal but maxed out and solid and complicated. The exact oposite of simple. I want all the layers and all the memories and all the things all around me. I want nothing more than to curl up with all my animals and people breathing in this life.
Design and color and layers are powerful and can be a very emotional pull. Isn't this what HOME MEANS? It is the place we feel most loved, and connected. It should be filled with mindful things the evoke a sense of love and memories. BUT I am a huge believer to have only what is essential.  Things should be layered but in a way that still feels calming. Our lives can be complicated but the joy we have in our home is so so important to create lasting impressions and memories.
I believe our things should be collected over time, and or passed down from someone that loved us and loved that item and wished us to cherish it. IF we don't have that family history then start now, collecting things from antique stores and estate sales that you love. We can create our own legacy and layers of richness.
I love going antiquing and searching for all the old stuff that makes me pause and just stare. AND I hope people find that when they experience this new collection. It is full of everything I love and I hope the rich photos taken that are collaged here bring a sense of yesterday and a deep connection to the past. Even if it is not my past or my families past. These images evoke a sense of home to me. A sense of being that is lost right now for a lot of people. People used to spend hours and hours outside no matter the temperatures. This time outside was the connection to the earth and why people back them just loved the land. This land was their HOME. They walked the land and cared for animals that brought them comfort and joy. Life was not perfect, nor is it now...but I think TIME alone and family was different. And I love that about looking at these pictures. You can dream of a time when life was less complicated...even if it is just an illusion. 
These old pictures of farm houses and horses were unearthed from an old antique store or given to me from friends with family stories. I spent an hour at this one antique store just pouring through this box I found and I bought a few of them that  that spoke to me. At this time I did not have LORTON my horse and I thought how wonderful to look at other peoples horses and the lives they created with them. SO they came home with me.
These photos of these strangers living a life I am sure was a time of sacrifice but the black and white photos are so romantic with these massive animals that they look so comfortable with. Kids climbing on them, women riding on them in the open fields on what looks like cold dewy mornings…I just fell in love with this vision..this life. A simple life in the country, animals and open land as far as you can see. These images evoked something in my heart and moved my spirit in a way that has become a knowing what what I want someday...finding a place that somehow brings me to this place.
I long for that. I long for it…it has become a focus in my work and an endless search for that place that somehow fills you up with something that you didn’t know you were missing. A place that takes your breath away in the cold bitter Maine morning as you have your first deep breath outside. A place Lorton my horse can just live out his life in peace. See him in the morning, in the middle of the day and at night. What a dream that would be. 
As a little girl I grew up in a farming town but never had one. Friends did, family did but we lived on a cute street lined with houses. I never thought much of it…I had a magical childhood…one stop light kind of town. A lot of dirt roads and farmer boys and baseball and football games..chasing butterflies and kitty cats. My mom stayed home and made delicious food, decorated with hanging baskets and took the best care of us. It was not perfect but it was beautiful. My parents always did their best and that was all we ever hoped for. As kids we knew about hard work and we helped out. I know this work ethic is within me now and something I share with my own girls. Life is about focus and with focus comes working hard at something you want..be it a new bike, a career or a farm someday. It takes time and yes a lot of work. I took out the word "hard" because I do believe life doesn't necessarily have to be "HARD". But I find when we stand in front of obstacles we grow and that is ultimately why we are here I think.
As I get older I just want to focus on things that take my breath away. CREATE BEAUTIFUL STORY TELLING PATTERNS that someday someone many many years form now might stop and stare at them longing for this exact life I am leading.
LIfe is too short not to focus on amazing! So that my friends is what I am doing. Focusing on amazing…focus on abundance and postive intentions and thoughts. Creating..always creating..it is what I am here to do. I am an excellent dreamer and sometimes even making magic happen! Sometimes it gets me a bit over my head but somehow it always works out just fine.
Be well and stay warm this season and please take time to just sit and contemplate. It is our only gift to ourselves..it is free and literally can fill your life with something that you didn’t know was missing! 
Much love, e

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