Farmhouse Collection

Farmhouse Collection

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A ginormous shift happened this past Summer. Breshia my oldest went off to College and I bought a horse on the internet. YES I did, an online auction. Lorton came to me all the way from Colorado where I grew up and all the childhood memories of Summers came rushing back to me. Car rides through the dusty open roads with miles and miles of corn fields, riding horses bareback without a care in the world. Eating strawberries straight out of the garden and the simple pleasures of just being a kid in a small farming town. The patterns are sweet, nostalgic and simple. I wanted to create a collection that brought me back to my childhood and the simple pleasures of what I know now was a very beautiful way to grow up. 

What makes me so so happy is TIME, time with my girls, time just sitting and thinking, time making good food, time in the garden digging in the dirt. It just hit me that time is a luxury and LIVING SIMPLY and appreciating this simplicity is everything.

We work and work and our babies grow up and move away. My biggest feeling and take away from this moment in time is to get back to basics as fast as I can. Nothing else matters. Nothing. So the little sweet flowers in the fields, old quilts, riding horses, eating sweet strawberries and taking life in and truly EMBRACING ALL that LIFE IS ASKING FROM US.
Sometimes it takes your oldest leaving off to college and buying your dream horse only to understand that he was not what they sold you. And he arrives with a facial paralysis injury and a much more horse than you KNOW you can handle. My perfect horse wasn’t so “perfect”.  I had one choice to make, I can either take control of this run away train or give up on him and me. I knew somehow the lessons I would learn from excepting what I can’t change and embrace how long it could be before I rode off into the sunset would somehow heal my broken heart.
Much like my life, this giant transition and dream takes a bit more creative spirit and understanding. When B left I was heart broken, and when Lorton arrived he fulfilled something that was hard to understand at the time, and maybe even now hard to put in words exactly almost a year later. But this collection of getting back to basics and Lorton symbolizes patience and freedom. But he also symbolizes to me TIME and the luxury of time and what that means. Time to sit and just think, time to just be. Time to reflect, time to listen. BUT most of all it is to embrace IMPERFECTION. In the life of instagram moments and creating beautiful things, the biggest lesson I didn’t realize was the gift of excepting what is NOT perfect, what IS BEAUTIFUL in spite of imperfection. AND HOW LIFE IS MORE ABOUT time healing old wounds, starting over and getting back to what makes you ultimately happy. 

My art has always been imperfect and once again my art and my life collide…one always teaching the other.

What matters to me has and was always here in my heart. We push and we push but when it all falls apart our willingness to embrace these things that we can’t change and move forward is our biggest accomplishment. These life moments can be FLEETING or we can DESIGN OUR LIFE to be more of these quiet moments and stop RUNNING towards something that doesn’t exist. Because what we are ultimately running TO IS ACTUALLY ALREADY HERE inside us, and all around us. I have found peace and solitude appreciating these tiny sweet, just normal everyday moments. Every lingering moment with my girls, and maslen and loving where I am from and knowing where I am going is already here. 
I hope you love the new collection. Xo e
PS. Lorton’s face is now almost healed and I hope to be riding him for real this Summer, but even if I am not, it will still be perfectly imperfect and this exactly ok with me. 

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  • congratulations on your horse; what a beauty; love your new inspirations and creations. Love your writings too.
    My son is 16 and I treasure every moment, knowing just what you went thru, I too shall endure.
    Pray for my health so that I may return to making a living. I wish you all the best, admire your creations, I first found at taproot mag. I love Maine too. Very best always, Michele Megargle

    michele megargle on

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