Finding Folklore

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Every imperfect layer representing my process of becoming more grounded + rooted in the dirt. This collection is all my hopes + dreams of finding space- freedom deep in the woods of Maine. Each drawing  is inspired by the deep woods of Maine…abstracted and depicted in a layered organic process. I hope you love my vision, telling stories in layers printed one at a time telling this narrative which is mine. I also brought in an iconic one color plaid that grounded and connected the patterns to create a more unified collection…for my retail stores and for you at home to mix and match as you wish!


erin flett plaid backpack

The new items this season is our NEW BACKPACK that is epic! Please check this out! It has an adjustable strap and is made of very fine soft veggie tan leather right here in Maine. We also brought back VELVET and ROUNDS that you must have for all your holiday and winter decorating. I personally love the dimension, and warmth of velvet and the texture it gives to a space.


I hope you love it! Please send me questions or thoughts or feedback. We are here for you.

Thank you so much!  No words express my gratitude for you all doing your magic all year long so we can stay so busy! 

Erin Flett

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