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The Summertime collection is a very personal favorite...Summer is what we all wait patiently for throughout the cold Winters here in Maine. The promise of warmer longer days, sea salt, and family and friends. Long walks on the sandy beaches exploring the rocky coast, collecting sea glass...all of it completes us. This series of designs and colors illustrate to me the very best of what Summer is all about here in Maine.

My favorite print design this season is FLIGHT, inspired by the flock of birds outside my design studio windows at the Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook. My studio was so amazing up on the 4th floor staring down at the glorious river below. This vision inspired this design where crescent bird bodies were turned into a swarm of birds all flying in unison. The feeling of completeness, community and freedom are all words that come to mind as I completed this design. I hope to recolor so we can see this design live past SUMMERTIME because the message of this pattern and the feelings it pervokes are within me always. And honestly I miss the mill and this design brings me closer to it. The mill represented so much for me. It is where I began my journey following an insatiable dream. The birds would greet me in the morning and sign me off in the afternoons as I raced out to pick up the girls from school. It was constant, consistent and grounding. I knew they would be there and I knew I would be too. So when I decided to move, I felt this incredible urge to draw this flock of birds and it took many iterations before it felt right.

My other favorite things to do in the Summer is sail. We love that we have friends that take us out and someday we hope to have a boat of our own. Something magical happens when your out on the water or even just watching a beautiful sail boat in the distance. Everything slows down, almost in slow motion and honestly it is just another amazing beautiful place I love to be. 

I think the 3 different lines this season was a great idea because I honestly could not choose just one color palate or one design direction...so much inside me and it was honestly so easy and carefree pulling it all together. Almost the oposite of where I am today pulling together FALL WINTER 2020. I am struggling a bit but it is a process and I don't feel I have hit it quite yet. I tend to let things go if its hard because when something is hard it is simply not right. But I am getting there...I hope you love knowing all the details and thoughts of each one of these new collections. Every detail means so much and I sincerely hope you feel each and every one as you enjoy one of my pillows or carry one of our little bags...xo e

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