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New Coated Canvas Tote Bags

Posted on July 02 2021

coated canvas totes
Introducing a line of bags I have waited so long to make. Taking my first run of printed yardage, coated with just enough to prolong the life of the bag and make it a bit more life proof…my small all over designs telling a new story and a new beginning. I hope with all of me that this launch of these BRAND NEW TOTE BAGS bring you JOY and take you on your own journey, your destination knowing they were drawn one line at a time, and hand sewn with love with attention to every detail. Made here in Maine with all the hands of generations of grandmothers passing down the integrity and mindfulness to just sew and make useful things.
I love love my work, my world and my life drawing and giving it all to you. Just making, and just wanting to continue…continue and thrive and raise my girls to know that anything is possible. I am a hopeless optimist, always focusing on the good, leaning into the hard things knowing they are here to only make us wiser and stronger. 
My life has always been my design and my design is my life. And I hope when you see and hold these bags you FEEL all of this. It is my everything. 
coated canvas totes
The field in these images is my favorite place that is beyond our busy road across the street from my neighborhood. The paths call me and I find myself running through them thinking, planning, dreaming. Building a business is much like nurturing children. It is extremely painful at times, but the joy definitely out weighs the hard times and when you look up, you see all this magic, love and light that has become because you were here loving and letting go more than you thought you could.
coated canvas totes
I have so much more to give to this world as far as design and I want to thank you for being here, reading this story and continuing to support our hand printed, and sewn business that is busy and happy here in Maine because of YOU. I promise you that as long as I can breath, I will draw and design and bring you things with integrity and passion…and I will never settle or give up this beautiful journey. I hope our things fill you up and most of all make you smile and truly make you incredibly happy.
With all the love and sincere appreciation, I hope you love these as much as I do. 
Xo e


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