Introducing Fall/Winter 2021

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So much magic happens in the Fall and Winter in Maine! This collection is all about this quintessential New England energy that radiates so much nostalgia. The patterns are hand drawn elements inspired by chunky, layered sweaters; vintage skis; and found, funky elements all coming together in a New England chalet. I was so grateful my daughters fell madly in love and helped me tell this beautiful story!

CHALET. (Vintage ski gear inspired)
BETTY (vintage floral + hand drawn woven sweater inspired grid pattern) 
PLAID. (A perfectly imperfect layered hand drawn lines inspired by more 1930’s-1950’s sweater patterns collaged together!) this is literally printed one at a time on top of one another and is extremely fabulous. This print takes twice or three times to print with all its fabulous layers!!!!
I have always been inspired by vintage ski gear, be it snow skis or water skis along with colorways of vintage parkas and vests. I found the coolest purple pink color with a orange red Skis from 1960’s that were epic! This is where this particular colorway came from. This entire line is a nod to winter vintage bliss, quintessential preppy iconic New England plaids and scandi Europe’s chalets. A big mish-mash of elements inspired by the love of the outdoors and thriving and exploring life in the winter! 
Every detail designed for fun and a little splash of color to spice up a winter night out or gift your sweethearts this Winter. I particularly love the orange red color story…and the sand Mello Yellow has a nod of sophistication I am told that could be a nice neutral. 
Oh and don’t forget the straps! A limited number of coordinating straps will be available. You're going to freak out!!

xo e.

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