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Hello from our 2 story, 1850 historical design studio where we hand print and sew upstairs and sell and ship our goods down stairs in our FLAG SHIP retail store.

Our studio sits on Main Street in Gorham, Maine, right in the heart of down town in the Village. This is home, where we have chosen to raise our family and where we make all our beautiful products you see. 

Each product you see here on our website is hand printed one color at a time. So if you see a print that is 4 colors we literally mixed each color and print one piece of cloth 4 times. It is not fast, and it is not easy printing with water based solvent free inks that are eco minded and hand mixed to perfection...but this has been the process since we started in our basement 10+ years ago. We started when the kids were small and we wanted a safe environment for them and for us. We have kept it this way since we love knowing we are able to wash our screens with water and not solvents. And its good for our printers who don't have to smell fumes all day.



I draw each pattern with care and attention to detail, then we burn silk screens and hand print and sew each piece ONE AT A TIME! We are never the fastest product to get in this Amazon world. But we believe that good things take time. We also believe you feel it and see it in the details. Our customers are loyal and truly appreciate us because they know we care and they know that they are getting something special, and unique. The last 10+ years has been about sharing our story transparently. I believe using color and pattern telling my ever changing narrative.

What inspires me becomes a pattern.

I began my career as a freelance GRAPHIC DESIGNER. After discovering silkscreening, I started printing my designs on fabric with my husband, Maslen, in our basement. That was 13 years ago. We quickly outgrew our home studio, and moved into our first studio overlooking the Presumpscot River in an old cotton mill. The Dana Warp Mill changed my life and I had the confidence to hire my first few employees and start building my textile manufacturing business. I also ran my graphic design studio for 5 years while building it. YES it was a lot of working but the textiles was my passion and my graphic design paid for it! After year 5 I was too busy to do graphic design and it was a natural progression to let go of that work. 

My graphic design influence continues to be a major component to how I approach textile design, but my original love of painting continues to be the foundation, and I mix custom colors by hand, ensuring consistent color and quality. Each design tells a bit of a story about my life in a unique way. Each person that touches my life becomes part of the visual tapestry of my work.

(I painted through out high school and into college. It was my first love of color and design. I was influenced by my art teacher Phil Shaeffer who was a landscape painter in Windsor, Colorado. He was the first artist I knew and he taught me how to "see". He was kind, and patient and left me to do my work. I painted the majority of my Senior year in a independent study program and this amazing mentor and human changed the trajectory of my life by simply showing me how to "see" through the eyes of an artist.)

I often leave things undone or imperfect. I like to keep my work simple, rough and unpolished, not overly refined and hard-edged. I want people to know that I was there. I like to consider myself a visual collecter of dreams, thoughts, ideas, funky vintage gems that capture my heart and bring a bold sense of color and design. I make things to share. I think about what brings me joy and I try to work that into my drawings and compositions. I want things to be happy, peaceful, mindful and truly a reflection of inspired living.


Each step of our creative process is infused with energy, and I believe that our customers feel this when their items arrive in their homes. I hope that our products make you smile as you open them up, and then again when you walk by or use them in your home. I want you to LOVE seeing them, bring you comfort and joy, as they give your space a POP of color and design. Every pillow you buy tells the story of the people who help to create it; from the people who weave the fabrics, print the designs, or stitch the pieces, to those who manufacture the zippers. These are all small American businesses, and by choosing to work with them, we all bolster the local economy. This is why buying local matters to us. 



Barkcloth is a generic term used in the textile industry to describe the nubby, bark-like texture of a 100% cotton open crepe weave of the 1940’s and ’50’s. It is an incredibly soft and luxurious fabric with a wonderful drape. CARE: Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.


Our high-grade canvas is made to match the natural off-white color of our popular Barkcloth. Woven in the USA. CARE: Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.


This medium weight, apparel-grade fabric is baby-soft, with an amazing drape. While the fabric is machine-washable, we suggest hand-washing, due to the intricate details. CARE: Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.


Our linen dyed linen is 7 oz and our Oatmeal Linen is 10 oz sourced from Europe.


All of our printing is done here, in our small Maine studio. Local stitchers help with construction. Our goal is to continue the long tradition of making and designing here in Maine. The energy here is just different—from the old cobblestone streets and brick buildings to the trees that speak to you on long walks in the woods.

Maine’s art and design community is thriving. It is the ideal setting for a designer. This is why Maslen and I were driven to move here after college. We were young and single and had a dream of raising a family and building a meaningful business here. We have a TRUE COMMITMENT to the simple, unspoiled life we share. My grandfather taught me the importance of keeping things local. I hope that I am making him proud.


Our latest adventure producing a few higher end hand bags and cross body bags have lead us to use local US factories. We also have been dreaming up new quilts and other table top linens that are coming out late 2023 for the holidays. We are always dreaming and trying to figure out next steps. We hope you follow along on our INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK and sign up for our E-NEWS so you can always be the first to know our latest and newest something.

Much love, e