Okay Gorham, Maine residents, I was so so excited to see this little blurp in GORHAM TIMES. My local newspaper here in Gorhan, Maine…I was interviewed a while back from Linda Morris..a very talented designer herself who also writes for the GT. It was a sweet little write up that really was the first blurp that touched upon my background, bark cloth and my mom’s antique store..and basically that I grew up in a home that embraced everything old—my mom and I still love the hunt and find amazing treasures everywhere we go! I recently found some amazing funky old costume jewelry at the FLEA MARKET down the coast in ARUNDEL, MAINE. Every weekend until it gets too cold outside! Tons of crazy finds but recent loves are a few necklaces I could not live with out. $5 bucks each. Yes I will take both please:) Just in case you don’t know what I am talking about–head down to Antiques USA- Route 1- Arundel, ME 04046 & Arundel Antiques- 1713 Portland Rd- Arundel, ME 04046-7938–this FLEA MARKET is in between these two antique stores!