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AVAILABLE IN 10X20 and 20X20

BUTTERFLY on our very high end chunky oyster linen! She is our grand finale and our symbol of our metamorphosis! A very long series of printing makes up this 5 color perfectly imperfect print. Designed to be slightly off to showcase transparency of colors and layering of each ink. Printed on the finest off-white OYSTER linen that is so so beautiful and soft. This print series take two days to complete and each one is one of a kind and very special. Topped off with a brass exposed industrial zipper in Navy.

Each pillow is designed and imperfectly drawn by Erin Flett. Each pattern is carefully burned into a silkscreen then meticulously hand printed and sewn just for you in an old cotton mill studio in Maine.


* Down Alternative Pillow Insert
* Super luxe 100% heavy weight oyster linen
* Hand printed and sewn in our Maine studio
* YKK industrial brass exposed contrasting color zipper
* Recycled local leather pull tab
* High end heavy brass bell pull
* The finest quality and attention to detail
* Linen Back with hand printed gold tag

* Spot Wash or hand wash in COLD
* Lay flat to dry
* Press