Okay this is the deal. Country Living is coming in a few weeks and they asked if I would hand screen some custom curtains to soften my windows in my living room. Mas and I already purchased our large screen and it was here–burned and ready to go. We just had been looking at it. Truthfully we were a little intimidated going from 1/3 the size screen for pillows to this monster screen…

So yesterday we printed for the first time our large screen—roughly 55″ x 30″. We should of waited until the kiddos were MIA but we had them sit and watch—and asked them not to ask or want anything for a few moments while we work it out—ha ha. That worked for a while but Ary wanted to hold the hamster and B wanted ice cream mid pull of the last few rounds…but..all I have to say about this experience is that it just reinforces my love of silk screening and my obsession for doing this-

Okay so the repeat was not perfect. After we did our first 6 yards we did not love the way it was lining up. But what we discovered is that our screens and table worked great. We printed on muslin, (super cheap and lovely). My tags are printed on this super soft fabric and to just soften a room I thought this natural cloth would be nice? My normal self wanted to print in yellow or orange but wanting to work on producing a natural linen type color I opted to mix up a ton of this natural brown/gray color.

First pull for me was a disaster…(maslen was pretty perfect like usual)…second, third, forth–OKAY by the forth pull I had it down. Because of the size of the table Mas hands off the squeegee to me and I take it the rest of the table width. It’s fun, stressful and addictive. (the upper body strength I need is just one of the few new reasons I am going back to the gym!)

After 6 yards which took us no time at all (minus some drying time inbetween) it was pretty painless…with all the measuring from Mas on where to lay the screen down each time…but we discovered the burned screen was off a tad and the print did not line up the way it did on my computer..(sigh). So this time Mas sat in front of my computer with me for a few hours trying to figure out a better repeat that is more of a drop repeat–and also thinking the solid background with this DECO print dropping to the ground is really not going to work with this design. So we are working that out still. Going to reburn this week. Have to have the curtains up and done in less then two weeks so we better get moving!

But because I can’t imagine tossing this fabric–I am going to wash it and make some scarves or something? I washed and dried it and it is so so beautiful and because it is chopped you don’t notice the fact that the pattern is not perfectly lined up. But honestly I have to laugh because nothing I do is perfect. So why should my yardage? Mas is a math guy..things line up in his world, things are in order. Okay so this is not the perfect combo in some marriages but in ours–it works. He balances my randomness. I have to say that I did get all emotional after we were done. I looked up at him and said, “this is it mas, this is it, this is our future–” In all honesty I felt a surge of this most amazing happiness–I have never wanted anything more. This need to create is just getting bigger–something that has taken my hand and creating work for me. It is coming from somewhere I can’t describe and I am so so in love with it. Mas just smiled and looked over the table and smiled. (man of few words). But his eyes lit up and I knew…this just the start of something freaking amazing. And so happy I get to share with this man.  xo e


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  1. deanna says:

    How wonderful! I love love love the color you've mixed here.

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