Textile Designers: 10 Women to Watch

I had to post this and thank Apartment Therapy’s Marketplace +¬†Sarah Coffey for selecting me: Textile Designers: 10 Women to Watch. I am shocked and honored and can’t believe I am on the same page as these other amazing women! Thank you, thank you so so much! Please click the link above and check out these other designers that are changing the textile world.

I showed Breshia (my 6 year old) this little post and tried to explain the significance to her…explaining that now more then ever this dream of mine is coming around to something that could possibly change our lives forever–that just maybe my little pillows have a voice. I know very dramatic—but everyone that makes anything-no matter what it is, has a distinct opportunity to say SOMETHING–could be anything. I want my prints to make people smile and feel connected…every imperfection and drawn element–collaged together…I want them to feel relevant and bring something in a home that needs to be there–something that was missing before?

Anyway, enough ramblings..gotta get B ready for school–just a serious heart felt thank you for selecting me…it just pushes me to continue what I have been dreaming up for so long–just gives more solid ground and confirmation that I am not totally out of my mind!

Thank you so much. e

2 responses to “Textile Designers: 10 Women to Watch”

  1. Charlotta Ward says:

    Congratulations on the shortlisting! I can totally see why you would be on it – I love your work!

    Thank you for your email and for your kindness re my artwork. I think we have a lot in common.
    Let's stay in touch.

    x Charlotta

  2. Labour of Love says:

    Hooray!!!!!! Congratulations on this great accomplishment! You truly deserve to be selected as one of the top 10 women to watch bec. your work is so stylish+unique…I love the bunny pillow/print in your daughter's room…my lil' munchkin adores bunnies too! Thanks for finding me on Twitter, so honoured to have met such a creative soule. I look forward to seeing more of your creative work + watch it grow even more successfully! PS my sis+ brother-in-law used to live in Liconlnville, ME for several years…I absolutely fell in love with Maine…breathtaking beauty to be found everywhere! Can't wait to see to see more of the beauty you create…xox Jo;)

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