Summer Update Part II


I wanted to quickly post some new shots from Cliff Kucine’s photoshoot for a recent write up for Erin Flett pillows! I mostly wanted to share the pics of the girls:) Breshia now 6, Aryana 2. I love the energy in these photos. I know all moms eat up everything about their own kids, but I am so thankful and so in love with these little souls.

I also think the Gorham Times will be running that little snippet on Erin Flett stuff that is coming out this Friday. The article is more of meet and greet to the community here in Gorham, Maine. I also just finished a blurp for Finns Finds, Finns Finds | Stylish clothing boutique for children and babies. A Stylish clothing boutique for children and babies for Jennyka, who is super amazing and has the most adorable shop online. She has worked 12 years in women’s product development and textiles, and needed a new outlet to release her passion for fashion. Well if you check it out, you will see that she is really amazing and is a mommie too!

Mr. Nut looks pretty comfy in this chair don’t you think? I want to steal it! The art director for Maine Home & Design just uploaded this pic on Face Book after her purchase of this guy. I am a fan of her work. She is actually a great photographer AND designer and I am so honored to work with her at Maine Mag and Maine Home + Design. If you didn’t know already, I am working for them now part time as the Creative Director. I wrote about them a while back since the feature in Maine Mag in the Style Q&A section. I have been doing freelance for a while now for them and after laying out JULY, after Jennifer Muller stepped down to do her own gig, (she is an amazing designer) Jennifer Muller. I fell in love with the people and the mags from a whole new perspective. So voilà, I am there a few days a week and taking it all in.

 Here is an ad I designed for AU for the AU + erin flett bag line. Hand screened gems that I am so so excited about! Here is one of my fav shapes. Sales have been great so far—it was a little hard start due to a flood at the mill that set them back a bit in production, but they are out and in stores now and sales have been steady! We are excited about the new floral that will balance out the first two geometric prints for FALL which I will post soon!


Have an amazing day. e

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  1. Sherrie says:

    Hi Erin. I see that you have a blog so I thought I would follow along. If you click on my photo (the little girl in the black & white photo, me age 3)you can pop over and see my blog. By the way, your little daughter is so adorable.

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