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Hello all, I can’t believe tomorrow is going to be AUGUST. Summer here at the Flett house has been one of the best to date. With much work and play going around, I could not be happier..and I have tan lines to prove it.

Mas, and the girls and I have been frequent beach bums as well as discovering a lake/park close to our house that is amazing. (Dundee Park). Clean and small, surrounded by the Maine Pine trees. Totally in love with this place. The girls are learning to swim finally among doing some private lessons at St. Joes College near by. B is 7 now and Ary is going to be turning 4 next month. Been holding them close, watching tons of movies and really trying not to be so obsessed with work and focus on the home front. Finding that balance of my design work and my little lovies is and always will be a challenge. BUT a challenge that is so necessary and natural for me. I need both..and pretty excited that I get to continue my textile work that has been flowing as well as the graphic design gigs I have been working on…

The gardens look great minus a few beetle invasions, I let the lavender go too long this year and the beds are looking kinda sad but Maslen always reminds me that they all go through cycles and I should let go of them always looking perfect. He always rolls his eyes so hard when I start complaining about a plant that looks as if it needs a shock of vitamins or something…I know he thinks I am out of my mind and just keeps walking. Happy that he understands that I am a total nut case in the garden (or in general ha ha) and let’s me be as neurotic as I want to be. Thank God for that, and so thankful to have him.

I will never forget my first Summer here when I went around my acre of gardens and started freaking out over all the beetles that seemed to rise out of the ground all at the same time..but since we moved here to Gorham, the beetles are not so bad. Makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it. I went around trying to catch them all.

So today is our first day Mas + I are going to use our new large screen (54×30) for my newest project here. I am in need of some sheer curtains thus going to silk screen on muslin today. I hope I can manage the upper body strength to work it out with the Mas man. Which reminds me I need to get back into some form of work out madness.

So many things in the works these days and taking a deep breath…my stitchers and I are working up a cute little bag, as well as finishing the prototypes of my new rounds pillows. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with these..and so excited to start producing 2 color designs for these little bags that will translate nicely into T towels maybe or more pillows–or both…

I found some things that I love that I will print on very soon—and working on getting some up cycled things to print on—just cause I had this random idea and just connected with a manufacturer that will hook me up with some used items that might just be the coolest erin flett thing to date? I am still completely a pillow lady–which will be my focus, but these other things are just for fun and see where they take me.

Hoping the deal in Japan comes through (more on this later)… and the textile mill here in the states moves on the 5-10 prints that should be coming out in the SPRING/SUMMER of next year. The fabric will be for the outdoors and it is woven which is seriously the most beautiful fabric I have seen. It will be sold only to the trade but I will get to show you as soon as I can. Such a great story here, but basically the manufacturer of my bark cloth lined me up with this other mill that makes amazing fabric for the trade for only the outdoor market. (Polo just picked up a huge line from these guys). So you get the idea. A small company doing big things which is amazing. And since everything is woven here in the US..I just believe in what these folks are doing. The deal would be a line of erin flett prints that will have my name attached to them to sell to the trade. Think bold and graphic with lots of color. (big surprise:)

The kiddos are with Mimi today, and thus, have time to sit this am, drink some coffee over looking my garden and just reflect. Life is amazing and seems like if you don’t take TIME by the hand, make a list, things slip on by. I am determined today, and tomorrow to continue my quest for greatness, to grow–and to be the best mother I can be. I realized this past few weeks that being a mother is to live as an example more then anything I could ever say. I look deeply into little eyes and say things I hope the girls will remember, but honestly, when I feel out of my mind, I know they are watching. This keeps me grounded. I want them to know, see and feel that life is about these little ups and downs and everything in-between…and how we must just roll with it all. I say this over and over but it is the journey, not the end result of this wonderfulness. Below are a few Mags I have been in over the course of the Summer so far. September Better Homes  & Gardens will have a erin pillow or two and of course Country Living at some point–shooting here in a few weeks–(delay last month has lead it to be this month in August). I also hope the STITCH will have a ASHLEY PINE pillow or two for a holiday feature? Sent a few to them a while back. We’ll see.

Lots of love, e

PS. A few mags that have featured my work.

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