Studio Has gone to the dogs!

Morning! Kiddos are away and I am in the design zone…since Louie has been around life is a bit more precious…all of us are in love with him, including the Mas man. I brought him home Friday hoping Maslen would not kill me. Girls and I are went to a local pet shop just to peek at the puppies, with my mom in mind and well, we came home with Louie..a YORKIE that stole our hearts. We could not stop smiling he was so funy and sweet and been at this pet store way too long…with one little ear that was not perfect, being a full bred, he was not getting adopted? 3 hours later and a lot of holding…the girls and I loaded him up and we brought him home. The rest of the crew quickly adopted him, even the bunnies seem to not mind him…needless to say it’s starting to be a bit of a zoo here, but I promised Maslen no more animals…and well, I just have to remember that next time we come across anything sweet and needing a home!

Finally we are rolling out our newest designs–DECO DOTS is the next on one I will upload into the shop…feels like eternity since I had these screens burned, but thankful they are getting out to all of you…and hope they connect and will go to all of you that enjoy a burst of color or bold pattern to make you smile…and of course bring you hours of enjoyment reading your fav book or just looking insanely stylish on your sofa! xo e


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