Panther Pond Retreat

Early morning coffee at panther pond. Hanging out with only iPad. Wishing I had a lap top, but thankful for the view and quiet solitude. Between swims and long walks, and hopeful to reach for my paints…happy that mas and kiddos as well as our new yorkie louie, and wise old Canyan, (German short haired) are asleep awaiting another day of Maine lakeside joy. Waiting for inspiration to kick in, but also in love at this very moment for a complete brain drain where emptiness is the goal. Something that can’t happen among phone calls and deadlines.

Happy day to you all…reining in my kids, my partner in crime, and going to savor each moment till we head back…big things, amazing things can only happen when we are open, full and content. It’s been so insane this summer, and the crew all needed to reconnect, play, and remember that the Fletts work hard, but need to play even harder.

I know it all does not feel like work to me, but for all around me it must be wearing when mom never sleeps, and on the go…but hoping they see now or later the beauty of living and breathing what you do. Girls are at different stages, sometimes I feel like I will go out of my mind…so being here is like recharging the family so ultimately we all are more loving and patient and have a over flowing sense of love. I know with only that one component, we will be ok, connected and all the little stuff won’t seem so big. Xo e

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