New Yardage + New Resolutions


It has been a while since I have really focused on blogging. A lot of excuses really but mostly because I have been in a mode of reflection…consumed with mommiehood, homework, soccer games and a lot of graphic design clients/work..not to mention a whole lot of pillow sales and networking for new shops that will carry our line!

This image above is our newest line of pillows (from yardage) DANDELION in CHARCOAL that will be under ERIN AT HOME. A new line that focuses on a stream line clean construction, with a hidden zipper. SOON to be made into bedding/duvets that I have been dreaming up for a year now. SPRING 2013 is about new beginnings….Image below is BUBBLES in Mango hand screened in our studio on Natural Bark Cloth. I am coming out with a third print soon that will compliment these two…more after the jump! e


Yesterday in the mist of a insane cleaning, ( I clean when I feel over whelmed or when I have so much going on that I need some down time–) I have no idea how it helps but honestly it makes total sense. If ones space and home is clean, free of clutter and mess, then light can shine in…and questions that have been weighing can be answered.

I was asked a week or so to come on a radio program with Susan Dench, on WLOB, 1310 AM MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS RADIO with Deb Davis here in Portland. She wanted me to talk about my world, how things have unfolded for me. (and how they continue to unfold). (ON TODAY at 9-11). I love Susan and have admired her ability to recreate herself through her love and passion. Her vision and her message is simple; to take more responsibility for ones own life–take control and do something–and to stop making excuses. I find that this is a lot of folks mantras including mine sometimes. But honestly my focus is this: while steaming my floors, cleaning toilets and showers, wiping counters…I just felt a huge connection to what makes me truly happy. (be mindful that I feel it is a luxury in my daily life to focus on any part of my home let alone spend a day cleaning due to design + pillow work + kiddos!) It’s when things are done, and the house is picked up among many other simple niceties that I managed to ignore or just do poorly. Since I work in my studio at home, my home and the structure in which I get things done be it for work or for family–all becomes much more apart of my mental stuff. So what I realized is that Erin in 2013 is to become much more structured and strategic in each area of my life to help to basically do more with LESS. Ok Erin, How?

I am going to make a list to what makes me truly happy—not BS type stuff, but simple stuff–for what ever reason, yesterday I thought of a dozen simply things I was not doing on a weekly basis that would truly help me be more happy and basically help my life that is BASICALLY FULL. Basics that just have been ignored or put aside. A basic list so general to everyone else, but things that I feel will help with just running a home + business with a real plan of action with goals that speak in simple language. (pinning it up in my home, and studio in CLEAR SIGHT. I think when you feel more connected to yourself when you have a bucket list that is simple and straight forward…ultimately all this for one more main goal: my design work will be able to flow and I can feel less guilty and more organized. It’s all energy and I feel it’s time to let this energy flow freely. Yay.

I have been working on my textiles for a few years now, first sale being in 2010. So it’s time to take this to another level…to make huge leaps and bounds…it’s time. I have always believed in myself, knowing that somehow I wanted to create something amazing…be it a great design, a brand or a home that is full of love, a safe haven for my children and husband…a place of acceptance. How does one do that? I am not positive with every facet, but the big thing is that I can see it in my mind’s eye. It’s there and I just have to continue down this path…

Our journey is less about HOW WE DO IT, BUT MORE ABOUT MAKING TIME TO DO IT– it’s about how hard we TRY…because who we are at this very moment is much more amazing then we let ourselves imagine, we just have to open all the dam doors and windows and let it all in…

My mom has been sick for the last year almost…recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease + Bells Palsy. She is my best friend, the one I call when I need to chat or just tell all my crazy ideas to. She is my cheerleader. Since she has been sick she has lost her spark from time to time but since she has a name for what she has been going through, it somehow makes it more ok that she is not well. While cleaning yesterday I found a box of pictures we took when I was pregnant with my first born, Breshia, who is now 8. In the last year I have found my role as a daughter has shifted and becoming more of her cheerleader, then my own. It’s so hard to see someone you love be sick, tired and out of breath for life. I haven’t written about her journey for her own privacy. But this past year has been one full of sadness and confusion of what this was and when it will leave her body. But I am happy to say that each day now with medicine and a fat dose of  “Get’er Done” she will be up on Etsy and Ebay again selling her vintage made amazingness and special finds. My world of junking and finding the beauty in old things, things that are discarded and or not perfect..all these metaphors for my own life is what this special women has taught me. It’s about her magical GRACE that I find inspiring–she is a fighter, a insanely passionate soul who I admire..if only she believed this herself. But she gave me confidence to do as I please, her too a Scorpio. So dammit mom, this is our year my dear! The Image below was taken on the beach (one of our sacred talking spots)…taken from AMAZING CLIFF KUCINE.

A long winded NEW YEARS Chat…way over due. This is going to be one amazing year.

Love to you and yours, e


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  1. Jane George says:

    i feel really teary-eyed reading that! i love it! it makes me want to be your real life friend and cheer you on every step of the way! I am following your page on facebook (big thumb creativity) and am so glad i followed links to here! take control and do something…wise words xxxx

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