I have been working madly at some new prints for SAVANNAH TAILS. After working on the Chinese Outdoor textile prints a few weeks ago, it was the first time I really focused on drawing. So nice to get into this mode. I work a lot with graphic design clients so I had a nice little break. It seems like the perfect storm of graphic clients and surface design clients. Both some how balance me out and make me very happy.

I was also contacted this week by ETSY Press Request – rom123 (Norway) Trender i 2011 – Etnisk chic og dyrisk natur – Rom123 – I hope they end up using the images I sent them. They loved the Daisy Thorn pillow + the Bunny Boo pillow. They also like the framed prints…The designer told me she would be sending me a magazine so that will be super wonderful! Love love this mag–so stay tuned for that!

I have hired a few reps finally for the textile line. I have been holding out but I feel it’s time since I am on the phone so much–(which I love) and looking to find the perfect shop to have the pillows. A great personal quest. But because I am only one person I have to realize that in order to get my work out there, I may need help ha ha. I am a bit of a control freak and love to connect with shop owners, interior designers–anyone who really gets design and of course anyone who is drawn to textural bliss of bark cloth and funky graphics.

RECENT VINTAGE FIND: I also found a vintage round + square pillow that must of gone on some mid century little number. I obviously fell in love so I am having my stitcher comp one up for me. I have this round illustration that is similar to my square illustration that will be a perfect background to some funky bold pillows that are small and sweet–that will balance the line out I think–I want to have a smaller, more economical mod pillow but with all the extra detailing of the cording and such, they seem to be a bit time consuming. BUT I am in love with the shape and will show you what I come up with.

I am also been stalling on the yardage for the moment but will hop back on the Stacked Deco print for Carol Bass. The custom screens that are HUGE are still not here. They will be 62″x 32″. I am so so excited to get going on this first print– Alfred’s Upholstery & Lamp; Company – Custom built furniture and upholstering is designing the chair that will be featured in this new office space here in Maine…I will have more details on the event. I love that this will be my first upholstery piece that will be done in my fabric with the bark cloth. I am also hooking up eventually with CHAIRLOOM in New York. Molly is amazing and hopefully as soon as I am done with some serious yardage she will be putting it on something perfect that she finds..(she puts amazing hand screened fabrics on vintage pieces that she finds all over!).

A nice shout out to one sydney road – Home. A nice SPRING order is coming as of yesterday! Piper Toth has been a huge Erin Flett friend and I just adore her shop! Please check out her online shop and please tell her I said hello!

Just for fun I wanted to show you some posters I did for the up and coming HOME DESIGN MID COAST SHOW  that Maine Home & Design Magazine is putting on. I did all the branding for this event a few months ago and just opened MH&D Mag this month and found it on the first page. Very cool. If you don’t know about this amazing Maine Mag–please check it out! These are still comp versions. (logos at the bottom are FPO’s). But you get the idea. Or better yet, check it out in PRINT for real.

Thanks for stopping by–hopefully next post I will have awesome yardage photos, a ton of new wholesale accounts and new work to show! e


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