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Hello and welcome to our new RETAIL site + new look and feel of my blog! Finally I have all the pillow + frames designs that we have available so all of you can actually see all of what we have been designing, printing and making around here! So thankful for Nathan Hankle who has put up with my insanity for months now tweaking and asking annoying questions like, “why is it doing that?” and “I want it to look like this–is this possible.” I love his response, sure, anything is possible.” Good I would respond…and we would go down that road only to circle back to what is practical and simple. So in theory this web design process is similar to my other life/design processes which is basically that I include everything including the kitchen sink, then modify, tweak, delete and eventually come down to the ultimate essentials. AND yes what you see here is a continued work in progress…never to really be done..BUT I love the it turned out so far.

My portfolio is pretty empty still so I will try and load more of my fav projects weekly. So many great projects that I have been fortunate to be apart of— 8 years of cool projects, so yes, a huge under taking to actually figure out what I still love enough to put up ha ha and yes, what I feel is fun to look at…but so happy to have a way to show my work to new clients…it’s been a long time coming. I hope you enjoy taking a peek as much as I loved doing the work.

I can’t tell you how crazy life has been since O came out with the profile on my textiles–and how seriously excited Maslen and I are about new opportunities with ALFRESCO FUNCTIONAL FABRICS that came out with the new ERIN FLETT line of outdoor / indoor fabrics a few weeks ago. WE had the best time in High Point, North Carolina. Everyone was so generous and wonderful and Maslen and I were so excited to be alone for a few days and enjoy the feedback of the new line. And getting to borrow the company convertible mercedes wasn’t too bad either. We both had a crash course in textile manufacturing / weaving. —I personally love the indestructible aspect of the outdoor/indoor fabric line and how you can hose it down and spray with bleach to clean. AND it has a AERO finish that has a lux soft hand– so bedding and interior companies sampled it at the High Point Show as well. I want to make some pillows and redo some vintage pieces I have stashed here so hopefully I will show you that in the near future. Images are attached above of each design in ONLY ONE colorway. BUT you can contact Todd at Alfresco: and ask for samples. It is just amazing to go from silk screening to a woven design. It is an ALL AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT WOVEN IN NORTH CAROLINA. (just another reason to buy it!). e

We were also featured in BEST OF MAINE this month with our ORCHARD PILLOW being in one of the spreads–check out press page for pics! So many thanks to DOWN EAST MAGAZINE for including us. The design of the piece was really well done!

Thanks for reading this little update–Flett’s are going to Panther Pond to enjoy some much needed sun and fun. Happy Weekend everyone. e



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