Okay so it’s been way too long since I designed prints for me–my stuff. Been collecting and drawing, collaging, cutting and pasting…and working and reworking the past few weeks. FINALLY. I can’t describe how amazing it is to see something that you created/designed and have it printed on fabric. It’s the most rewarding part of the process–to actually see it, feel it. (Thanks Mas (husband) for being my amazing rockstar that totally gets how obsessed I am and prints at night, weekends and everything inbetween).

And also working on a new hang tag that is so so over due. I struggled on what part of the story to tell–etc etc but I found some great vintage words from old ads while rummaging here in my studio and fell in love with the and passion that the words had. After I found these great words, I kept visualizing this long tag hand screened on muslin–and I think finally I wanted to connect with people about the bark cloth, what is it, where it’s woven and why that means so much to me.

So happy to show you  my new tag, some new prints and I am seriously so excited to get them in YOUR hands!

Such an amazing few weeks that are hard to sum up but a few high lights is that I will be working with ACORN again for the 2012 WINTER catalog–in what capacity–not sure yet–working on a mod mid century/picasso inspired logo for an amazing shop that will be in FREEPORT, outdoor woven fabric line that will be out this SPRING that is going to be so amazing to be apart of, Portland Maine’s ID is about done and working on a million pieces for them to tie in the new brand positioning and logo as well as a more sophisticated modern and clean direction–I will do a new post for them at some point. Really love the new Event Planners Guide that I just finished for them, hmm what else…finishing up the CLOSE BUY CATALOG sales that just closed a week or so ago. We sold a ton of calendars and framed prints to some local schools. This program is amazing and Masey Kaplan, a genius for taking this concept and sprinting with it!

Happy that I am still working with Fresenius Medical Care–and just designed 3 huge binders for them with all the tabs and insert pages for all of them. I love working with them..always something new and different and the medical field is so rewarding because the pieces are helping out people who are either working for them or helping patients live a better life. I think this is my longest standing consistent client–going on 5 years now. I can thank my Aunt Marsha for hooking me up over there.

SO SO excited for the REDESIGN OF AU BAGS website!!! This just launched. Please check it out! Winky Lewis shot all the lifestyle shots–and Nathan Hankla programmed it from me. (met him while I worked with Maine Magazine). Loved this process and really loved how it turned out.

Also, working on fine tuning a licensing contract with Sazaby which operates Afternoon Tea Shops in Japan. I am hoping this really flows and works it self out by the end of the year. So many details and so many things that come into play when you work with a large company from abroad. They had a concept to put my small kiddo prints on some cute cloth bags. I have some images on my Facebook of some prototypes.

But the most amazing thing happened last weekend. Jessica Bruder, blog columnist, The New York Times: Start, just contacted me to interview me for Oprah Magazine. The interview was last Tuesday.

First thing I did was call Ashley O’Brion and thank her since she put together a beautiful press kit for me and sent it to her connections at O Magazine.

I was shaking so much that I could barely dial her number and totally started to cry as I thanked her...Thank you again Ash–I will let you all know how it turns out and seriously pray that all goes well and ends up in the mag!

I just have to say that life is so full of surprises and every turn is such an opportunity to grow and evolve. Very thankful for good friends who push me to do better, be better and believe in my insane dream of someday being able to do my own personal design work full time. Anything in the world is possible and this just reinforces my believe that if you just continue to trudge through and keep your eye on your ultimate goal things will happen…and every turn in the road will lead you to where you need to be.

I am not sure if I am missing something but will close for now…LOVE LOVE the new prints and wanted to attach a few new pics we JUST SCREENED LAST NIGHT! I will post once ready for purchase on my ETSY shop!

Be well, stay true, and push on. e

2 responses to “NEW PRINTS-”

  1. georgia b. says:

    i adore that little round orange pillow! will it be available on etsy soon? your work is gorgeous!

  2. Erin Flett says:

    Yes you can order that now–just not in my shop–we were having PIPING issues..but now it is going to trimmed out in a color most likely—found the vintage yellow color which looked amazing with the gray and orange…convo me. I think they will be around 55.00 retail. Graphic is on both sides though. You could pick out what color if you were wanting one or keep the orange! Natural color piping is coming but taking forever for it to be shipped to me!

    Thanks for posting! e

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