New Line for 2014!

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The girls had a snow day on VALENTINES so since we were all excited about the day off and the new pillow designs we just got in from our stitchers…we did a impromptu photoshoot…since I always love having the girls be apart of the photos in what ever facet they care to take part, it was no surprise that boredom took over in creative silliness with our newest addition to our family, “Louie” our new Yorkie who is now a year old!

The new smalls have piping and are more mod and splash of color rather then narrative woodsy characters we have done in the past. And the new inspired POP ART ICONS are a bit of departure and new direction this season that are more about simplicity and boldness then a composition of elements. I feel these really represent where I am at the moment with design. I think I am at this point where I want things to have a instant punch of color, but have a iconic form that is still hand drawn and human but also has a nod to everything I gravitate to when I am out junking…pop art, mid century mod, retro in a not cliche or trite way..The SUN (circle with bands) graphic was inspired buy a small record album I found…I added a few bands and it was so simple it was amazing to me. I had a  few weeks where I did not thing but draw and I came up with a million things that I  loved but these icons spoke to me in loudest and that is what focused on.

These little snippets with the kids are only good for a very short amount of time, a small window as you all moms know before fun turns into drama! At the end of the shoot (maybe a hour) ary starting to get tired and started throwing pillows at us and I lost Breshia to some video game half way through..but what was captured was a pretty spot on moment where the girls are lounging with Louie content to just hanging out enjoying the day off.

These days with them are so precious and perfect…minus the little stuff like B deciding to make herself a duck tape iPad case and almost cut her finger off with our fabric cutter? Yes I know…I about died…she did this about 6′ away from me in a split second I removed all cutting devices and told her “scissors USE scissors!”

But the day ended we all enjoyed our Valentines dinner at the Mill talking girl talk since Maslen was out shoveling the masses of snow we had received the night before!

Happy Saturday everyone! These new pillows are finally going up on ETSY now that images are finally shot…amen! e


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