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Looking forward to Wednesday, ACORN photoshoot. I will be recreating my visual comp at this amazing oceanfront location here in Maine. “LIVE IT” is the positioning statement and the concept for the entire catalog. I can’t wait to show you the layered details, surface patterns (Acorn’s not mine) and amazing photography + lots of color that has gone into this SPRING 2012 catalog. ¬†Once finished, I want to post about the amazing stylist, and creative team that has been so incredible to work with!

The bark cloth source is back on track–even with higher minimums and all that, very thankful that I will be buying from the actual weaver here in the US. A family owned company for generations. Now looking into a natural darker ground to print on for FALL/WINTER. Love the natural off white, but would love to cover more universal color combinations for those more neutral loving customers that still value a cool graphic pop. Plus I am just wanting to print on something other then natural off white for a change. Should be fun–

I have been also playing with a new hand screened tag that will now be on all my work. I have been meaning to get on this for a year but since we have one stitch on every pillow (back flap) wanted to make sure the hang tag that I designed told a good story–and made a impact…just didn’t know what I really wanted until now. I have also been dreaming up a new website design. I hope to get on top of that and launch FALL/WINTER 2011/2012. I would like it to be more about my work and my process, with great photography and maybe a blurp about myself that I haven’t done before. My portfolio is very outdated online at the moment and want to be able to upload new work as I finish easily and have a more refined looking blog set up.

Country Living will be shooting here in July/August…they have not given me an exact date but been working on new projects and dreaming up news ones. Hopefully we can button it all up before they come. But honestly, it is just an amazing crazy thing that they are coming to Gorham, Maine. They want to shoot our home before/after style + a little write up of my textile design work. My friend PR chick, Hannah Gregory will be here shooting the whole thing–ha ha. Shooting what they are shooting and just be here to capture the day. Should be fun to see how they transform the place into something that is truly CL worthy. (styling and photography is an amazing thing).

Katie Brown’s shoot went well and my pillows will be in Better Homes & Gardens in September in a outdoor spread I hope. Sounds like from the personal assistant that dropped off all the pillows I sent (all 27 of them) mentioned the outdoor seating/lounge area was the Erin Flett pillow focus. So we will see what actual makes the cut. Very excited. AND Katie Brown herself picked out a MR. NUT + COFFEE RINGS for herself and Stacy, the stylist took home ARIA.

I had a few great calls this week–one from a outdoor fabric manufacturer, this time from the US…possible collaboration in our future…a few business calls for some cool botanical soap packaging—and gearing up to start the Portland Maine rebranding process. And also a lead with a Japanese company that produces all sorts of cool modern projects might be purchasing some new prints.

A lot of fun things in the works and just really trying to focus on some new prints for my pillow line…still working on yardage. Burning world…Conceptually my focus on the new line will be focused on organic natural shapes and patterns, smaller scale repeats and more modern approach in aesthetic. The round pillow graphic is more in line with the vision I have. Almost a collage of elements with a modern edge. Inspired by mid century modern elements but with a hand drawn aesthetic along with other unexpected organic/collaged elements.

So the images you see are shots taken from SOWA OPEN MARKET #2, new ROUND pillows and some packaging labels I did for Paula Costin, for her yummy cookie tins. Enjoy. e

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  1. Donna Lynn Grace says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your work in Fresh Style magazine Summer 2011. Beautiful designs and colors!

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