Just a few of the million images I have taken out on our many walks in the woods lately. I have had ample time with little Ary since B is back in school. Our ritual is to go on our “mommie day” walks and find cool anythings that we find around our home. We have 4 acres of woods behind our home that we explore, walk around and of course, lately climb in since Ary and B both have discovered climbing trees…which is a thrilling and often for me terrifying event. I love seeing them in the trees but, yes..afraid that they will fall and break something. But with both of them, I am finding that they do fall…but bounce up and do it all over again. No broken bones to date. (A great metaphor for life for me really).

But on our most recent walks I have discovered the mushroom. I am so overwhelmed by the simple beauty of these little specs of color in the mist of all the dead leaves and twigs. The ground floor of the woods are deep with many many layers of leaves and branches and due to the large amounts of rain recently..these little gems are popping up everywhere. They force themselves up from the sea of layers…which always inspires me due to all the textures, color and sometimes lack of color. The ridges and detail of every facet of these mushrooms are amazing. My family and Mas (husband) and most likely my kids at this point are over them, or over me obsessing over them…but I find them to be a amazing piece of soft sculpture in this very rough and most of the time hard and rough elements here in our Maine forest. I don’t always share photos of my finds around here but I could not resist sharing these little magic moments.

The prints that I am inspired to create from these images are twig like, sprigs, and round mounds of color and shapes. Doesn’t the yellow just make you happy? In all the mist of browns, and greens…the yellow is a welcome hello to me. They scream…come on in and take a look around. And that is what we did–Ary + me.

xo e

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