More prints-NEW 15″ CUTS Finally Printed!

Excited to share a few new prints printed on our new medium sized cuts–that will eventually be 15″ square pillows among a few 13″ rounds.

Among our original natural bark cloth, we just found a 50% recycled USA woven oatmeal color fabric that is a combination of poly and cotton. It’s super soft and a beautiful organic color.

I just wanted to give a sneak peek of our print run from today.

Also, excited that my amazing cousin Amanda is visiting here–she is a graphic designer as well and going to share my studio for the week! –Type and design obsession definitely must run in the family! So we printed today and escaped for a few hours with my mom to our favorite junking spots and landed a killer abstract painting that was super fun–and of course had a huge splash of orange so I could not resist. See big photo below. I love that it was in the back of a old chicken coop under a bunch of junk—and now it is front and center in my living room! Love it. Notice B curled up with her new blanket from Grandma Vivian on my crazy new flokati rug…its super lush and kinda ugly so much so that I had to have it…and big surprise–a lot of orange. Maslen just rolled his eyes and said something like it “looks as if it’s already been lived on..” No, that is the cool part–super fluffy and random. Not sure if he agreed but now that it’s on our floor he kinda loves how comfy it is.

New prints getting stitched up and will be ready for the new POP store that will be on Commercial Street Old Port Portland Maine this coming Wednesday. Please come and check it out! Going to be so fun and a great collection of fine art, funky hand made finds and amazing photography.

Here are a few pics of the newest medium sized prints. The oatmeal cotton cloth has been prewashed so excuse the wrinkles…we will obviously be doing a lot of ironing once these bad boys are getting stitched.

Please let me know if you love any of the new prints and or if you have any thoughts on colors! Always up for some new additions.


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