okay–this week was lovely… Real Simple Magazine put the hand screened bark cloth print in the Mag under deals and well, we have had a ton of orders and a lot of hits–thank you so so much! WIND is out there in the world in a BIG way thanks to this amazing Mag and amazing April Hardwick (amazing writer who got me in Country Living and now REAL SIMPLE…)

Another amazing super surprise blurp was that a dear friend sent me a text that my print AU’s “Mrs. Robinson” Raincoat Cotton Zip SPRINT in LEMON is on Page 66 of OCTOBER in COASTAL LIVING!. What a wonderful little solo pic of this bag that I actually picked out for me personally out of all the Mrs. Robinson bags.

Great for AU–I hope they sell like mad for them! I can’t tell you how powerful these little blurps are…such gifts–every single one of them…

Recovering today from ARY Birthday Party Madness–will post that next..it was a perfect raining day for a tea party.

The other thing I wanted to post is a fun poster I was asked to do for a new up and coming fund raiser event presented by the Yarmouth Education Foundation: BLUEJEAN BALL! Music + Food + Dance with Live music from thiswayband! 

xo e

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