Goodbye February-Hello March

Hello-finally able to take a breath and just catch up–finally caught up–well sorta. Ready for March and all the things I have been meaning to get done. My mind races trying to gather all the things that I want to work on and all the million things that I am inspired by each day. The snow continues to fall here–it’s relentless, but somehow it is a time of reflection and solitude. I cherish my time alone in my studio as well as time spent reading books with my kiddos, helping with homework and talking shop with Mas. I am finding the simplest things so spectacular and appreciating having this slight lull.

Just finished a few projects..the Chinese textile prints for the outdoor + interior industry here in the US are just completed–it was amazing amazing amazing and I’m so so excited to continue. I pray that they sell so I can keep going. It has been a dream/goal of mine to do fabric–yardage and the past few years I have done a fair share and can honestly say it is something that I feel is apart of me in way that just can’t be described. Designing patterns that go into homes becomes so significant to me since the life span is more then 30 seconds and all the hard work going into a design is appreciated on a totally different level. I think that is what makes it so gratifying. Plus drawing all day is pretty much all I want to do these days–the other few projects I have completed is the new ID for Canal 5 Studio or C5S, a new architecture firm here in Portland Maine. A great amazing group of people–hoping to do some custom interior stuff–we talked about doing some funky pillows to go into the new space–in a lounge conference area–which sounds completely sweet so hopefully that will come around. Also finished with the MUSTARD HOUSE web design which will launch this SPRING. I am totally in love with it. On another note–AU, the killer bag company that I have done two custom prints for, is coming out with a third floral print this SPRING in some kick ass colors. I am going to get well–not sure but I love the lemon yellow, olive + and the blue is pretty amazing—as soon as we get some prototypes of the new print + colors I will post.

The newest up and coming things are prints for the NASHVILLE TAILS I spoke of last time–going to start really digging in this week. I have done tons of research and now ready to work out my first sketch round. Think MOD and MODERN with a hand drawn eclectic something—I love Dimple, one of the owners…so far have had some amazing conversations with her. I have some other graphic design kicking around but always hoping for new cool projects to round out all the other stuff…

And finally working on some custom yardage projects for local interior designers and finally on top of doing STACKED DECO–and I think Mas and I are going to try doing a few shower curtain prototypes. I have been wanting to do them for not in love with what I have found out there–I have two new stitchers lined up which has been great and helpful to keep up with mad orders…It’s an art that I just admire—wish I could sew. I see such craftsmanship and skill with my moms things, and hiring others is amazing. I love creating things to sell and it’s so so fun working with talented people. I will post on them soon–they deserve more then a little mention…

Also been selling wholesale to a bunch of new shops and getting reorders from existing shops getting ready for Spring. I hope to focus on this a lot more in the coming weeks. I love connecting with shop owners and just plain talking pillows—ha ha. I know, how much can one talk about that but honestly I am still obsessed with them and hope to let go of this first line of prints and launch all the new stuff I have done…I may just start doing designs that are fresh in the middle of seasons. I get bored so fast and love the idea of a limited edition of some prints just to see how they do. Adding the framed prints, poster prints has been great and hope to add things that make sense in the future—the girls are still dreaming up new kiddo prints–almost daily these days! I have a list I am sure we will never print but who knows—

I am so so thrilled to be written up by Apartment Therapy last week. One of my all time favorite sites for cool shops all over and just an amazing fabulous resource for all things homeness. You can read the little blurp here: Patterned Throw Pillows by Erin Flett Designer Profile | Apartment Therapy New York

So thankful they did not toss my first constant contact email blast and wrote about me. So amazing–I can’t tell you how many pubs contacted me. I was amazed…I honestly believe that this internet thing has changed the game in launching your own stuff. It has changed the way things get out into the world. We all have a little ADD since we get what we want in a flash and move on. That is the deal–you need to be more then a flash and keep people wanting more…keeping things fresh and current and constantly challenging yourself–but honestly. Getting up and doing what you do best and throwing it out–even if it’s just to get it out of your head–life is seriously about taking these insane leaps and just trusting that where ever you land is where you need to be at that very moment.

I have met some amazing people lately, connecting with souls that are striving and doing what they love. I do believe we are who we surround ourselves with. I hope to continue to meet others who demand life to be what it needs to be and keep down this path. All I want is to keep working and spend time with my family and friends. Life is just about that simple these days for me.

Taking it all in, one day at a time. Loving every minute of the Flett madness. e


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