Getting Settled

3It has been a while since my last post. So much has happened since October. We slowly emptied my home studio and our basement and merged into 1400 sf at the Dana Mill. The process has been a bit hard since we moved during a few really big graphic design projects so things took a bit more time then I expected. Soon I hope to have a true before and after post that is design worthy. But for now a quick glance at my glossy white and chrome desks from IKEA and my new 27″ IMAC that is a complete dream to work on.

From not loving the first space which was only 900 sf  and figuring out how to work out a larger more expensive space in every facet…with no plumbing…We managed to make this 1400 sf space a monster work horse with a hand built 36′ printing table (my amazing husband Maslen built from scratch) and a cutting and shipping table, and a huge industrial wash out sink shipped from CA, buckets of water based ink, a complete 1950’s kitchen we hand stripped from a old house in Cape Elizabeth, tons of inserts and hundreds of yards of fabric…as well as a retail corner that hopefully will be a bit more glamourous then it is now..full of our latest designs…all of it being much better and more amazing then I could ever have hoped for.

The other day before I headed out to pick up my girls at school, I looked around and I took the picture above. The light was amazing, it was smoking hot with the sun beating in (light therapy for anyone here in Maine with the long long winters) I glanced around and really felt more alive and complete that I think I have ever really felt, maybe in my entire life. It was a feeling where something had come together with a lot of pushing and shoving, a lot of dreaming and hoping but a lot more pushing and shoving where I demanded to let go of fear and be selfish and persistent. Some people talk you out of yourself, sometimes talking you out of who you need to become, other times it’s your self that talks you out of your dreams…passing it aside. I am here to tell you that honestly when you take that step the universe is in line with you and your vision. That shift brings energy and life and makes it real. I looked around, whispered to myself and to the universe or the God within and I just said thank you.

I have focused my attention to new ways to reinvent myself through design, drawing hours each day and fine tuning a bedding line that I hope brings continuity and balance to our offerings…I finally have custom canvas that was woven just for us, using the same resources and mills as the bark cloth fabric we have been using..all woven here in the USA. Glassware comps are filling my walls where soon I hope to get samples…and possibly dreaming up a blanket throw that connects all the linens together through color and texture. I am also hand printing my drawings on some small note cards that I have been thinking about since I started a few years ago….so many balls in the air and not too worried about how it will all flush out. I just know some may take months to get right while others will come together next week and be out in the world. It’s just about doing….making, drawing…living through my work and my work living through me…my design has always been my life and my life been my design. Even though I am not at home, this studio is a reflection of our family…our life and how we choose to spend time…the kids continue to love it…and my deepest desire and want is to have the girls come and feel this joy I feel by creating their own art. (they have everything you can imagine to make anything they want)….Being apart of this journey and process. Knowing how hard one must work to get anywhere and nothing gets done by thinking about it…

On a recent ride home from the mill one evening last week, after the girls were starting to bicker and be basically insanely impatient with one another, I stopped them for a second to share what being happy meant. “Happy is when you are content to just listen, happy is when you share, happy is when you know it’s ok, happy is doing and being true to who you are, happy is being grounded and helpful. Happy is about loving one another even if the other does not give that same love back, happy is a feeling when you are doing exactly what you know you are suppose to be doing…” I shared with them why it was so important for me as a mom to share this process with them because what we have made together has made me so so happy. “I want you both to know that we are nothing with out being happy inside, that we need to speak our truth everyday and do what we love because it sets us free to be who we are meant to be.” That they need to walk through this world with purpose and integrity..and above all thankfulness for every good day and every bad day…and for each other and for everything. It’s what keeps us pushing and what keeps us alive inside. I felt both of them pause…hopefully long enough to really feel it…

But I love being a mother, a teacher, a guide…some days I don’t feel like the perfect mom, not even close, you know the days, but honestly most days I love being in this world with these two amazing young ladies that make me laugh, bring me pure joy and really teach me everyday what is truly important.

Here’s to an amazing 2014! xo


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