Erin Flett designs bold + colorful Maine woven blankets


My first samples came late last week of the wool blankets I have been designing from  a local Maine Weaver. They turned out amazing and now waiting on different finish options for the edges and wondering if I go with washable or non washable finish. The texture is different if it’s washable…but not exactly sure how yet. But the best thing is that they are not scratchy. The girls fell in love with them…and with harsh long winters here in Maine, we all need a good cozy blanket! The second color way is navy, sea blue and gray with red edges..which is so lovely but the colors were way off in the sample so I will show that option when it’s a bit more polished. For now you can see the orange sample…which of course is my love! The edges are a bit ruffled do to some shrinkage in the wool that won’t happen in production…and I am going with a slightly lighter weight yarn. I love how thick it is but afraid it’s a bit much for a throw… Lots of fun things happening at the studio. With a new catalog coming out with a entire new approach and a over haul on my two sites, ETSY and my own…I think this year is going to be the year where things just fall into place. Basically you will see a limited number of color options per design strategically thought out for the perfect eclectic mix and match sort of vibe and therefore we will have pics of each pillow in each color way. Which will be so amazing finally! AND not to mention a TON of new designs that promise to brighten up any room in your home. Happy Tuesday everyone! e

2 responses to “Erin Flett designs bold + colorful Maine woven blankets”

  1. GMCsWife says:

    Absolutely beautiful – LOVE!

  2. GMCsWife says:

    Absolutely beautiful – LOVE!

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