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Woke up with a bit of a head ache–too much fun at a friend’s epic halloween party that I seriously won’t soon forget. So much fun my face still aches from all the laughing and smiling! Good thing I have been running again…I think I danced for 2 hours straight! Just feels good to really be connecting with local peeps since Breshia and Ary have been so involved with school stuff and a ton of soccer. Maslen and I have met so many new cool people–a lot of like minded parents that enjoy watching their kids grow into sports as much as we do. A whole new world as parents. Just love being a mother and watching these little critters grow into little people taking on the world one goal at a time.

Kiddos are at my moms for the day, which I am super thankful for. I am focusing on refreshing things visually around here to reflect new visions, designs and products that will soon be out in the market place next month.

I have been thinking about my over all direction of ERIN FLETT. My focus continues to be hand screening, buying american woven fabrics and introducing a new line of bedding in January. MY  NEW NAME that will be rolling out with this new line is simply: erin flett AT HOME. I love high design, and I love quality fabrics and sophisticated stitching and hope to bring high design and quality products such as duvets and coverlets at affordable prices for life minded people to enjoy. It’s been challenging in so many facets manufacturing here—finding stitchers that are fast and well equipped as well as willing to do piece work has been a journey…I love the pillows and have always felt a need to create more of a complete space rather then only being able to offer my design clients that single pop of color or pattern…now I am thinking bigger in ways that I can take my designs into a space and really build a room out of a single color and pattern or few patterns that all work together. Not new thinking at all, but a very new thinking for me personally.

Above is the final burned screen, 1 of 3 new designs that will be in launched here in November for the holidays. I am silk screening 20-30 yards of white linen, white on white for a winter wonderland theme for a huge erin flett window display that is designed around falling snow. I like the modern circular movement as well as the simple form of circles layered on top and besides one another. Think piles of snow, or bubbles—or think simply connectedness and completeness and a sense of movement and organic flow. I just love this print and hope to print it similar to my head picture in orange! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Graphic design work continues to flow in at a perfect pace. Many exciting and new projects have been given to me–working on a rum cake company logo and packaging out of the Hamptons/Bahamas–really excited about this new company and how many million variations of logos I did for them! They are about finished in selecting the design direction and anxious to start rolling out the innovative and hopefully silk screened packaging. Attached below are some different concepts I illustrated for them. Stay tooned on the final selection.

I did a talk on Thursday: INNOVATORS OF DESIGN SERIES here in Kennebunk at the River Tree Arts Center. It was a new experience talking in front of a crowd..a great exercise for me. I literally did nothing but prepare for this talk for two days. I ended up creating a PDF with hand written notes scribbled on top of the photos with fun design details. I used mostly WINKY LEWIS images from a few shoots she has done in the last year or so. It felt great to be able to speak and really hoped to inspire anyone to do what they really feel moved to do in their own lives…

I feel a complete sense of optimism for the rest of year. I have so much to put into my personal work—a over whelming amount of design ideas boiling over in my design mind—I will focus on doing rather then thinking in the next few weeks. I am ready for the next chapter to be rolled out with a more refined erin flett home vision. Thanks for reading and following along. Happy Sunday! e


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