Dreaming Up NEW things

I have found myself running again. I used to go on runs everyday all through College and slowly as I got my self into the work world I turned to yoga. Now feeling a lot more stressed with daily life, these runs have been so so good for me. These little runs erase my day to day TO DO list and frees my mind so I let go and dream about what’s to come for Erin Flett.

I imagine a sail boat FULL of pillows of all shapes, colors and sizes shooting out of canyons into the arms of thousands of people on land—cheering as they fall into peoples hands (I know it’s random but such a fun thought) as Mas and I + the girls ¬†sail off into the sunset—I dream of simple A LINE dresses inspired by vintage slips that are light and airy, I visualize scarves that are made out of gauze wool woven here in Maine and scarves that are silk that I wrap a million times around my neck or head…AND bags that are all shapes and sizes..with wooden and leather handles…so many things..but what is so spectacular about these runs is that my empty cup is filled up again and I get back to work and simply write down these little visions…to somehow connect them into the reality of making…and doing. My mind never rests, but the time away from mommiehood and computer client stuff…let’s me find my way back to what makes me truly happy…designing.

Summer is such a free time here in Maine…early morning coffee out in my gardens, kiddos waking up with camps to go to, long beach days, sand castles, hermit crabs and sunsets over the harbor eating dinner at our favorite waters edge haunts in Portland….and most of all warm humid nights with friends under twinkle lights reministing about old times and new business ventures…all of it…THIS IS SUMMER to me here in Maine land.

Attached is a shot from this am. I found my surplus military parachute material SAMPLES on my door step this am from Sat delivery. (we spent the day at the beach yesterday) —hopefully these will turn into scarves depending if our solvent free water based inks actually stays on this fabric! Samples to follow–but isn’t this such a devine thought. I love all my hundreds of vintage scarves..but this could be the first step of producing my own. Mas and I plan on printing on them today. So excited. Happy thoughts.

Happy July to all of you…e

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