It’s been a long process even though a simple one…27 screens later and a brand new MOD METRO SERIES of designs are being made into super lux pillows finally…a more refined vision where I am seeing my textiles in designer homes and shops that ¬†appreciate the hand printed and hand woven textiles we are doing but also the more stylish and sophisticated prints that I have been working on…My taste is evolving and my home is growing up a little where I am combining my vintage funky junk with some nicer more refined pieces that is creating a more balanced home and look. My vision for the future is coordinating rooms that are not too matchy matchy but work seamlessly and mindlessly so one can just pick and choose and it works. I think that has been the big push for me personally is to take my designs and weave them into a complete story..a color story and a design print story that help people live with my designs in a more connected and cohesive way…You can’t take the junker out of me but I think having a “DOMINO” Magazine approach is where my world is leading…Art Deco pieces along Mid Century along with rusted industrial steel metal…Life is about the mix, the process of weaving found objects and new things together….

Summer is flying by and with new help printing our goods from Kris Johnson and more stitchers…orders are flying through production and our little manufacturing ¬†process is feeling pretty buttoned up…if only I can be better at managing all of it along side all my graphic design work…and mommie time. The balancing act is in full swing and hasn’t stopped humming but the girls are growing up and becoming these little ladies that make me smile, laugh and enjoy each day…minus a few throw downs due to little Ary wanting to be on top of Breshia’s personal space..into her stuff and just plain enjoying being a pest:) Ha ha. Maslen has been getting a mental break from production and I do feel this is critical so he can help me focus on billing and managing orders etc…so all in all life is keeping us busy and happy…thankful for all of it…e

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