Country Living (what you didn’t see)

CountryLiving_CoverIMG_6284Flett-Bathroom Flett-BreshiaRoom Flett-Couch+Drawings Flett-DiningArea Flett-Dishes Flett-GirlsBed Flett-Kitchen Flett-LivingRoom Flett-LivingRoom2 Flett-MasterBed Flett-Materials IMG_2514 IMG_2522 IMG_3146 IMG_3689 IMG_3691 IMG_3693 IMG_3695 IMG_6281 IMG_6282  IMG_6285


It has been a long wait for Country Living Magazine to feature our modest home in Gorham, Maine. I thought it would be nice to show you all the shots we worked on while they were here. If you don’t know a lot about how Magazines work, basically they find homes that they feel their readers would enjoy looking at and go in and style the home for the shoot. It was a lot of work rearranging for different shots…picking and pulling from all over to find the right collection of things to tell your unique story. The magazine wanted curtains on my windows (so I hand screened STACKED DECO in a repeat) and had my stitcher make me sheers out of muslin.

We had an amazing experience having the crew show up at our home..I can’t tell you how much I cleaned and organized before they got here…the upstairs was easy to shoot with minor tweaks but the downstairs, kitchen and living area had the most rearranging going on which was like having a inside interior designer at your finger tips for 3 days..needless to say I learned a lot about our space and the challenges of shooting a entire home in 3 days!

I hope you enjoy the “behind the scenes” look. Ironically a year after CL came to our home I redecorated quite a bit and ended up selling a bunch of large pieces and made room for some smaller mid century pieces… I was given a lot of the pieces from my mom who has amazing taste but as I get older I have found my own vision and voice as to what furniture pieces really speak to me. I still have most of the things shot here but the girls have had a redo since these images were shot…Breshia is getting older and wanted to have modern look and Ary has had some tweaks and we are in the mist of re-doing the play room since the girls are getting older and now it’s starting to be more of a “hang out” space…it’s so lovely to have Country Living capture our life at this moment, but as you all know, creating a home is a process, one that is never DONE, always changing and evolving to reflect the way you live…every day. Thank God because life would be so boring to have to live with things that no longer reflect you or your family or where you are at that very moment! ENJOY, e


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