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Morning. It’s pouring rain here in Gorham, Maine and a lovely down day for us here. We are regrouping after madly cleaning and organizing  yesterday. I am in a place where I am getting old jobs out the door–keeping things in motion with pillow sales and sorting out who is stitching what and how we are growing and really need extra help. I also have had some great press here locally that has really been such a great surprise.

Please check out: Portland Press Harold  for the first real in depth story ever published about my work–everything from where my designs are inspired from and my story about the unusual bark cloth. Thank you Aimsel Ponti and Ray Routhier! Photo Credits go to Winky Lewis: Images on the second spread.

We are focusing on getting our new website out there into the world. Since we are always getting client work out the door or pillows shipped out–it has been a huge challenge to focus on getting the site up. Now that it is up I am redirecting my energy on wholesale accounts and really being a better manager of this…I have had no time to follow up with shops and now really want to establish the good ones and really nurture them. Since the O Profile, we have had many shops order pillows and bags and it’s been so great seeing this much product get out into the world. So if you are a shop–please connect often and I will do the same. All I want really is to ensure that you are happy and things are moving for you.

I am also refining what it is that I want the line to turn into and have recently ordered some of my own designed yardage from Alfresco. (USA Indoor/Outdoor manufacturer). They are simply amazing to work with and I am very excited to take this fabric and create some of my own signature items as well as new duvets and shower curtains. It’s super soft yet has all the charecteristics of outdoor fabric–so hello durability and fade resistent amazingness–perfect for my little critters that I have to chase around to keep my house from looking like one giant mud explosion! I will post as soon as I do up a few things. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see your designs in repeat…

FEATURED SHOPS: Anniebells with the BUNNY BOOS (100 Commercial Street, Waterfront, Portland Maine + ONE LITTLE WORLD SHOP in Melbourne Victoria  Australia. Enjoy the pics below:)

Have a happy Sunday everyone! Best e

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