Studio Has gone to the dogs!

Posted on July 28, 2013

Morning! Kiddos are away and I am in the design zone…since Louie has been around life is a bit more precious…all of us are in love with him, including the Mas man. I brought him home Friday hoping Maslen would not kill me. Girls and I are went to a local pet shop just to peek at the puppies, with my mom in mind and well, we came home with Louie..a YORKIE that stole our hearts. We could not stop smiling he was so funy and sweet and been at this pet store way too long…with one little ear that was not perfect, being a full bred, he was not getting adopted? 3 hours later and a lot of holding…the girls and I loaded him up and we brought him home. The rest of the crew quickly adopted him, even the bunnies seem to not mind him…needless to say it’s starting to be a bit of a zoo here, but I promised Maslen no more animals…and well, I just have to remember that next time we come across anything sweet and needing a home!

Finally we are rolling out our newest designs–DECO DOTS is the next on one I will upload into the shop…feels like eternity since I had these screens burned, but thankful they are getting out to all of you…and hope they connect and will go to all of you that enjoy a burst of color or bold pattern to make you smile…and of course bring you hours of enjoyment reading your fav book or just looking insanely stylish on your sofa! xo e


Salt Institute For Documentary Studies

Posted on July 23, 2013

Avery McNiff, a student at Salt institute for documentary studies, and an aspiring designer meets multimedia story teller meets sustainability guru…recently asked if she could hang out with me this Summer for the day and take audio and video documenting my work. I was so honored. Here is her first video…

I love this unique program that gives students the opportunity to explore in-depth stories and execute them in fresh and innovative ways…I was so honored that she wanted to come hang out with me for the day. Enjoy. e

Sun Rising Deco Zips!

Posted on July 22, 2013

Check out the custom order for two color Zipper Pouches…super in love with both of these! e


Posted on July 19, 2013

It’s been a long process even though a simple one…27 screens later and a brand new MOD METRO SERIES of designs are being made into super lux pillows finally…a more refined vision where I am seeing my textiles in designer homes and shops that  appreciate the hand printed and hand woven textiles we are doing but also the more stylish and sophisticated prints that I have been working on…My taste is evolving and my home is growing up a little where I am combining my vintage funky junk with some nicer more refined pieces that is creating a more balanced home and look. My vision for the future is coordinating rooms that are not too matchy matchy but work seamlessly and mindlessly so one can just pick and choose and it works. I think that has been the big push for me personally is to take my designs and weave them into a complete story..a color story and a design print story that help people live with my designs in a more connected and cohesive way…You can’t take the junker out of me but I think having a “DOMINO” Magazine approach is where my world is leading…Art Deco pieces along Mid Century along with rusted industrial steel metal…Life is about the mix, the process of weaving found objects and new things together….

Summer is flying by and with new help printing our goods from Kris Johnson and more stitchers…orders are flying through production and our little manufacturing  process is feeling pretty buttoned up…if only I can be better at managing all of it along side all my graphic design work…and mommie time. The balancing act is in full swing and hasn’t stopped humming but the girls are growing up and becoming these little ladies that make me smile, laugh and enjoy each day…minus a few throw downs due to little Ary wanting to be on top of Breshia’s personal space..into her stuff and just plain enjoying being a pest:) Ha ha. Maslen has been getting a mental break from production and I do feel this is critical so he can help me focus on billing and managing orders etc…so all in all life is keeping us busy and happy…thankful for all of it…e


Posted on July 16, 2013

Super pumped for the newest funky junk collection. Not sure what the heck I am going to do with these monster trays…breakfast in bed…center pieces? Who knows but I don’t really care since they are HUGE and ORANGE AND YELLOW! Goodwill, you make me so so happy…not to mention the killer POLKA DOT SCARF…yes, very very good junking morning with my Summer partner in crime Breshia…(little Ary is at camp today so we are getting in some mother daughter coffee shop and junking time…) Now I must get to work…lots of stuff cooking today…Happy Tuesday! e



Posted on July 14, 2013



Now online and so very excited to recycle some pillow prints and turn them into small Make up Bag and Pencil ZIPS!

It’s Summer in Maine right now…girls are in camp and at home more and we are enjoying beach days, hanging out with friends and family and of course I am always dreaming about new designs on fluffy pillows and casual easy bags.  xo e

Country Living (what you didn’t see)

Posted on April 21, 2013

CountryLiving_CoverIMG_6284Flett-Bathroom Flett-BreshiaRoom Flett-Couch+Drawings Flett-DiningArea Flett-Dishes Flett-GirlsBed Flett-Kitchen Flett-LivingRoom Flett-LivingRoom2 Flett-MasterBed Flett-Materials IMG_2514 IMG_2522 IMG_3146 IMG_3689 IMG_3691 IMG_3693 IMG_3695 IMG_6281 IMG_6282  IMG_6285


It has been a long wait for Country Living Magazine to feature our modest home in Gorham, Maine. I thought it would be nice to show you all the shots we worked on while they were here. If you don’t know a lot about how Magazines work, basically they find homes that they feel their readers would enjoy looking at and go in and style the home for the shoot. It was a lot of work rearranging for different shots…picking and pulling from all over to find the right collection of things to tell your unique story. The magazine wanted curtains on my windows (so I hand screened STACKED DECO in a repeat) and had my stitcher make me sheers out of muslin.

We had an amazing experience having the crew show up at our home..I can’t tell you how much I cleaned and organized before they got here…the upstairs was easy to shoot with minor tweaks but the downstairs, kitchen and living area had the most rearranging going on which was like having a inside interior designer at your finger tips for 3 days..needless to say I learned a lot about our space and the challenges of shooting a entire home in 3 days!

I hope you enjoy the “behind the scenes” look. Ironically a year after CL came to our home I redecorated quite a bit and ended up selling a bunch of large pieces and made room for some smaller mid century pieces… I was given a lot of the pieces from my mom who has amazing taste but as I get older I have found my own vision and voice as to what furniture pieces really speak to me. I still have most of the things shot here but the girls have had a redo since these images were shot…Breshia is getting older and wanted to have modern look and Ary has had some tweaks and we are in the mist of re-doing the play room since the girls are getting older and now it’s starting to be more of a “hang out” space…it’s so lovely to have Country Living capture our life at this moment, but as you all know, creating a home is a process, one that is never DONE, always changing and evolving to reflect the way you live…every day. Thank God because life would be so boring to have to live with things that no longer reflect you or your family or where you are at that very moment! ENJOY, e


Our First Erin Flett BED!

Posted on February 17, 2013



I am so excited to finally show you our first duvet out of our newest line of WOVEN fabrics from ALFRESCO! 9 designs total all in this yummy woven world…we are in the baby stages but if you are interested in your own set please email me! Beyond excited to bring erin flett to the BED! SO excited! Enjoy. e

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