Breshia, my oldest, just turned 7. We had a BACKYARD CAMPING PARTY…and yes, I was not quite prepared for 8+ girls for a over night–but I survived and well, I have to say, I had the best time. Between the s’mores, Mas’s silk screening demo silkscreening t’s, running around blowing bubbles + the midnight stories that seemed to last all night–(all stories were about creepy old ladies and cats and dogs). The girls held the flashlight under their faces and each told at least 2 stories each. After the second round I was exhausted but my heart smiled because I was feeling like we were making some great memories. Ary who is now 3 almost 4 was in the midst of it all and she beamed all night–B was in her element and I can honestly say I didn’t realize she had such a funny personality with her little friends–a little comedian/actress. She is so down to earth and quiet really but in this element she was hilarious and witty–all qualities I see time to time but this was a entirely different Breshia–a little girl drama here and there but for the most part a HUGE success. I will tell you, I really felt as if I was watching myself, through her. So funny as a mother how you see yourself and look on in amazement. I KNOW all too well that these moments where I can be among her friends will pass, and I will have to be that mom that asks a million questions obsessively. But for now I totally enjoyed playing, dancing and just being a apart of this little world. ENJOY the pics. PS. I dug out a huge patio this SPRING and filled with granite crushed rocks that are easy on bare feet and found more granite pavers recycled from the streets of OLD PORT, DOWNTOWN PORTLAND, MAINE. The day of the party, that morning actually I found a TEAK SET on craigslist that was marked down and yes, Mas and I emailed, called and stalked the lady who had it for sale and brought it home. It was amazing timing and we totally enjoyed it all night. I will post before and after shots soon. Loved the entire process. Evenings are now spent in our new chairs watching the kids after al fresco style… e


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  1. Eyewitness says:

    These kids are really flowers!

    Best Wishes

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