Aryana is turning 4!



















Ary is turning 4. I know. Crazy. So cliche but seriously it has gone so fast–where does the time go?
Her little vision to me is dress up + tea. (her latest obsession is mint tea in the morning?) So her little request for a ‘tea party’ party made perfect sense to me.

I just finished this little invite for her and hopefully will screen print some little t-shirts for her friends the day of the party. It is always a highlight for the kids to see us mix ink and print. So so fun.

Looking forward to all the new work I am doing right now and seriously obsessing about what to print and on what.  A lot of  things in the works as far as new licensing opportunities but none are confirms or a done deal at the moment. Seems like they come in waves…and so thankful people are asking for custom designs and graphic design work…keep it coming! These girls need to go to college ! 🙂

Happy Weekend everyone…

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