31 HOME TEXTILE magazine INTERVIEW // Shanghai China

Last month I was asked by 31 HOME TEXTILE magazine to describe my design process a bit and to feature my work. The images are from my shoot with WINKY LEWIS last year along with a little session the other week that I did once I had a big wholesale order complete that was going to LOTUS BLUE in San Francisco. I thought I would take advantage of having some new colors and prints that were just finished.

Just for fun I have attached the questions they asked and my answers. I have no idea what was published since it is in Chinese but this is what I said:



I am a graphic designer that has evolved into surface textile design

>> 2. Please make a brief description of your designing style.

I love to draw and collect found designs in nature, old vintage found elements, and create collages and unique compositions and patterns.


3. Your growing background, the past experience and your hobby.

I hand screen onto fabrics in my Maine Studio and create products out of the prints such as pillows and bags. My life is to be a mother, a wife and a designer—I am obsessed with design and composition and love being a graphic designer, textile designer and focus on all of this everyday. All my free time goes to raising my children and fine tuning my craft.


4. To become a really good designer, what qualities and talents do you need in your opinion?

All you need is a strong sense of self and know if you love what you do you will succeed.


5. What are features of your design work?

hand drawn, imperfect perfectness.


6. What is the source of your design inspiration?

life. old vintage finds. my children. the maine woods outside my studio. my gardens.


7.Who is your appreciated designers? Why is he or she?

I love Vera Neumann. She had vision and an amazing depth and endless amount of inspiration and body of work.


8. What do you think about the function of color in your work?

color is life and that is what drives my designs—


9. Please give some suggestions to young people who are engaged in the industry in China.

Listen to yourself and work hard—stay focused on what you want to achieve. Never under estimate the beauty and strength of perseverance.

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