It has been a long while since my last post. As soon as I moved into the Dana Warp Mill I went into a different mode. It has been a mode of survival and passion and focus. I have been able to take a look back the last few weeks and really take it all in..see how far we have come but in the same breath figure out where we are going next.

The new line that I just launched this weekend is more thought out, more connected and cohesive, a bit of a softer more refined me. (Maybe I am just getting old ha ha)  So many life changes happened in the last few years–the biggest was moving out of our basement into the mill and never looking back. Since then we have hired a few key people that have been the driving force to growing mindfully. I have also been focusing on various other areas of product development that I personally have longed for in the marketplace such as glassware and table top…with so many more items I hope to expand into but this season I went back to basics and went back to where it all started…hand drawn designs on pillows that speak to me, tell stories but also a feeling and connectedness. I think it is so easy to get lost in busyness, maybe I shall say insaneness of being a mom to two amazing girls and trying to be there after school while all the while running a growing business from my iphone. Or waking up at 3am so I know I will get things done so I can go to the mill and help with production and keep things moving. I know it sounds crazy but I love it, it is who I am and where I belong at this very second. It’s very challenging and everyday I get smarter only because I make mistakes that make me shift gears and re-evaluate. I also have the best customers who reach out and talk to me, or shops that are so amazing that totally appreciate what we do…they are the real reason we are growing…with out them we would not be making anything…and Maslen and I hope to just get better at making things and getting them out the door for you all to enjoy them. We believe so much in our American Made story and process. We want to keep things simple as we grow..I don’t want to add to the craziness of the world, I only want to create things that are useful, well made and designed….my new home is so simple and white with pops of color and I truly feel so good knowing I love every piece I have in my home now, only having simple pieces that tell our story and that is it. I deleted so much and it feels good to have a lot of white space now to breath.

My focus now is to keep growing as a designer and keep changing and let my life be where my design goes..it has always been a reflection of where I am personally…and continues to do so. I hope this is the start of blogging again…I always loved taking moments out to reflect..and often it’s my facebook page or my Instagram page that get’s the most love these days. But writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. It somehow makes things more clear to me.

Attached are the newest line inspired by SUMMER in Maine. I missed it last year –Mas and I were so focused on moving and building a home…and we realized how critical it is to take a moment and stop, breath and appreciate life and everything the universe has given us. Enjoy the new catalog here: http://issuu.com/erin_flett/docs/erin_flett_2016 xo e

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